Grace & Green is Now a Certified B Corp

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The company is thrilled to announce its achievement of B Corporation certification, boasting an impressive score of 146.5.

This accomplishment positions the organisation as the highest-scoring B Corp in the realm of organic-certified period care while also securing its spot within the top 10% of B Corps on a global scale.

The B Corp certification methodically evaluates a business's operations, scrutinising five pivotal areas of impact encompassing Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers. To attain this prestigious certification, companies are required to legally incorporate their dedication to a mission beyond profit into their corporate articles.

The company's founder, Fran, shared a perspective on this milestone: "Having spent more than a decade in the water and sanitation sector, witnessing firsthand the detrimental effects of conventional period products on our water systems and oceans, I felt compelled to address this issue. We firmly believe that access to safe and sustainable period products is a fundamental right, and our commitment to ethics and equitable access is the cornerstone of our endeavours."

She continued, "Grace & Green is more than just a purveyor of ethical products; we are committed to combating period poverty and dismantling associated stigmas. We advocate for the provision of free period products in all public spaces, and a significant portion of our company is owned by those who contribute to making our vision a reality every day. Achieving the status of the highest-scoring B Corp period brand in the UK is a testament to and celebration of this unwavering commitment."

Conventional period care brands often incorporate up to 90% plastic in their products and use raw materials cultivated with pesticides, subjected to bleach treatment, and laden with synthetic fragrances. In contrast, Grace & Green has garnered the highest rating among disposable period brands for its positive environmental impact. Their products are crafted from 100% organic-certified cotton and biodegradable bamboo, completely devoid of synthetic chemicals.

Furthermore, B Corp acknowledged the company's dedication to community involvement, including charitable contributions and educational initiatives. Grace & Green received an impressive score of 28 out of 30 for its "Designed to Give" business model. As part of their Period Dignity initiative, the company donates 50% of its products free of charge to organisations dedicated to addressing period poverty, such as local councils, charities, and educational institutions.

Grace & Green now joins a global community of 7,000 businesses that have achieved B Corp certification. By doing so, they align themselves with a growing cohort of companies that are redefining business objectives by prioritising purpose alongside profit.

Chris Turner, Executive Director of B Lab UK, expressed enthusiasm, saying, "We are delighted to welcome Grace & Green to the B Corp community. We believe they will be a valuable addition, continuing to drive meaningful conversations forward. Our pleasure lies in the diversity of B Corps, from startups to multinational corporations spanning various industries. The inclusion of Grace & Green is particularly exciting, as they have the potential to lead the way in the sustainable period care industry."

The company extends its heartfelt gratitude to its community for contributing to this remarkable milestone in its sustainability journey. For a detailed breakdown of the B Corp score, click here.

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