ESG leaders: Bayer, Shell, and Unilever

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KnowESG_ESG leaders: Bayer, Shell, and Unilever
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In a recent report unveiled by Investis Digital (IDX), the top position for excellence in sustainability communications was secured by the renowned German pharmaceutical firm, Bayer.

The 2023 Sustainability 100 report awarded a commendable score of 85 out of 100 to Bayer, citing their impressive commitment to providing transparent, easily accessible sustainability information.

Right on the heels of Bayer were notable companies such as Shell (82) and Unilever (81) and several British brands, including Sainsbury's (75), bp (72), and Vodafone (71), which also claimed their spots in the top 20.

Using the Connect.IQ benchmarking tool Investis Digital (IDX) delved into various criteria. They assessed whether each company featured a dedicated ESG and/or sustainability section on their website, examined the publication of materiality assessments, and investigated the regular reporting of greenhouse gas emissions.

The report lays out an array of benchmarks that exemplify leadership in sustainability communications. For instance, a striking 82% of the companies analysed maintained a dedicated ESG strategy page on their websites, 56% outlined specific, tangible targets, and 67% meticulously outlined their ESG ratings.

Regarding climate change, 88% of companies had established a dedicated climate change page, and an impressive 46% were actively working towards a net-zero roadmap.

Myles Peacock, the Global CEO of Investis Digital (IDX), emphasised the vital role a company's website plays as the primary source for ESG-related information among investors, customers, and employees.

Corporations that champion sustainability without a well-defined digital strategy for reaching diverse audience segments risk estranging these crucial stakeholders.

Peacock stated, "We believe that the content companies choose to publish sets the tone for their corporate narrative, and by examining this in detail, we have not only been able to identify the brands that communicate most effectively through their digital content but also to uncover best practices."

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