ENCAVIS Climate Targets Confirmed by SBTi

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KnowESG_ENCAVIS Climate Targets Confirmed by SBTi
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The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), renowned for its rigorous assessments, has officially validated Encavis AG, a wind and solar park operator, for aligning with the SBTi's ambitious aim of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.

Encavis has made a resolute commitment to reduce their emissions, both direct (Scope 1) and indirect (Scope 2), originating from fuel usage and purchased energy.

Their target entails a significant 42% reduction by the year 2030 relative to their emissions in the base year of 2020. Moreover, they are also embarking on the challenging endeavour of substantially curtailing Scope 3 emissions, which, notably, they do not have direct control over.

By 2040, Encavis envisions attaining "Net Zero" status by diminishing their emissions across all three scopes – 1, 2, and 3 – by a whopping 95%.

To tackle Scope 3 emissions, which currently constitute 99% of Encavis' total emissions, the company is actively collaborating with its suppliers and business partners throughout the entire value chain.

This collective effort is aimed at identifying and mitigating emission hotspots through comprehensive life cycle assessments. Encavis is making considerable strides by substituting fossil fuels in production processes with greener alternatives, embracing recycled materials from the circular economy, and promoting the use of low-emission transportation methods.

Dr. Christoph Husmann, the Spokesperson of the Management Board and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Encavis AG emphasised the company's dedication to combating climate change and their enthusiasm for the Science Based Targets initiative's official endorsement of their climate objectives.

Dr. Husmann asserted that their specific goals are grounded in scientific insights, reflecting the responsibility of a leading independent renewable energy producer in Europe.

Encavis' climate targets serve as a vital component of the organisation's holistic sustainability strategy, which revolves around twelve central themes within four dimensions of sustainability: economic, environmental, social, and governance.

For a detailed account, readers can refer to the Sustainability Report 2022 here.

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Source: Encavis


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