Companies Want Green, But Struggle to Do, Says Study

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KnowESG_Companies Want Green, But Struggle to Do, Says Study
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Companies are struggling to bridge the gap between saying environmental sustainability matters and actually weaving it into their strategies and data plans, according to recent research from Microsoft and Kyndryl.

According to the Global Sustainability Barometer study by Ecosystm, a whopping 85% of companies see hitting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets as a big deal. However, only a tiny 16% have truly integrated sustainability into their data strategies.

Real integration, as Kyndryl’s Faith Taylor puts it, goes beyond ticking sustainability boxes—it means using tech and data to grow long-term and spot new business opportunities. And she's clear that a solid data strategy is key.

To build a culture all about data, technology steps in. Taylor points to using things like AI, automation, blockchain, and IoT to get the lowdown on emissions across supply chains.

Making sustainability part of data strategies also means looking ahead. The report spills the beans that while 61% of companies are using AI to keep an eye on energy use, only 34% are using that info to plan for the future.

The challenge is turning good intentions into action. Taylor says it's hard work—understanding a company's environmental impact means gathering loads of data, breaking down silos, and getting different teams to work together.

This is where tech leaders like Microsoft and Kyndryl can help out. Taylor says they have a dual job: reach their own sustainability goals and guide customers to more sustainable solutions.

The survey also shows that customers and employees are the loudest voices supporting sustainability. Investors come next, and government regulators bring up the rear.

Taylor sees a shift in how stakeholders speak up as a golden opportunity for companies. Customers care about the brands they support, checking out materials and supply chains. Employees want to work for companies that match their values. It’s a new era for how stakeholders expect businesses to act.

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