Booz Allen Publishes 2023 ESG Report

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Booz Allen Hamilton has unveiled its 2023 Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Report, highlighting ongoing advancements and illustrating the seamless integration of the company's ESG commitments and performance into its VoLT (Velocity, Leadership, Technology) growth strategy and overall business success.

In this comprehensive report, the focus is on three impact pillars, outlining goals, initiatives, and progress related to key ESG topics:

  • Empower Diverse Talent: Booz Allen is dedicated to fostering diversity internally and externally. This commitment involves continuous skill development, providing opportunities for career growth, fostering robust employee engagement, offering support services and networks, and collaborating with suppliers and community organisations.

  • Make Innovation Accessible to All: The company emphasises enabling rapid responses to evolving mission priorities through the cultivation of innovation ecosystems, expansion of innovation capacity, and the ignition of innovation within communities.

  • Drive Community Resilience: Booz Allen is actively involved in equipping communities with knowledge and tools to tackle challenges such as cyber threats, natural disasters, global pandemics, and other disruptions. This includes supporting and partnering with charitable organisations addressing the needs of under-resourced communities.

The report additionally features updates on the firm's workforce demographics and trends, along with insights into employee well-being and technical training programmes.

Nancy Laben, Booz Allen Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, and Chair of Booz Allen’s board-chartered ESG Committee, expressed the company's purpose succinctly: "empower people to change the world." Laben emphasised the pivotal role of Booz Allen's intentional, data-driven ESG approach in shaping both business performance and organisational culture. The company's commitment is geared towards creating a more secure, resilient, and equitable future for all.

For those interested in delving deeper, the complete report can be accessed on Booz Allen's Environmental, Social, and Governance webpage.

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