BC Hydro's ESG report: A Roadmap to Sustainability

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BC Hydro has released its inaugural ESG Report, which outlines the company's sustainability practices and commitment to the growth, well-being, and economic prosperity of B.C.

The report highlights BC Hydro's actions in five key areas:

Maintaining the resiliency of the electricity system while advancing electrification

BC Hydro is investing in new infrastructure and upgrading ageing assets to ensure that the electricity system is reliable and can meet the needs of a growing population. The company is also providing incentives and programmes to help B.C. residents and businesses reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

Managing its environmental impact

BC Hydro is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and its impact on B.C.'s ecosystems. The company has already reduced its direct and indirect emissions by 50 per cent since 2007, and it is working to further reduce its emissions by investing in clean energy projects and technologies.

Acting in the public interest

BC Hydro is a public utility that is owned by the people of B.C. The company is committed to acting in the public interest by providing reliable and affordable electricity and by supporting the growth and prosperity of the province.

Powering the potential of its employees

BC Hydro is a diverse and inclusive workplace that is committed to developing its employees. The company offers a variety of programs and initiatives to support employee development and engagement.

Working towards meaningful and lasting reconciliation with Indigenous peoples

BC Hydro is committed to working in partnership with Indigenous peoples to build a more sustainable future for B.C. The company is working to reduce the environmental impact of its operations on Indigenous communities, and it is providing opportunities for Indigenous peoples to participate in the development and delivery of electricity services.

The ESG Report is an important step for BC Hydro as it continues to work towards a sustainable future for B.C. The report outlines the company's progress to date and provides a roadmap for future sustainability initiatives.

Here are some of the specific actions that BC Hydro is taking to promote sustainability:

  • Investing in renewable energy projects, such as wind and solar.

  • Upgrading ageing infrastructure to improve efficiency.

  • Reducing its reliance on fossil fuels.

  • Compensating for the environmental impacts of its operations.

  • Supporting Indigenous communities in their transition to clean energy.

  • Investing in employee development and engagement.

  • Acting in a transparent and accountable manner.

BC Hydro is committed to being a leader in sustainability, and the ESG Report is a testament to the company's progress in this area. The report provides a clear roadmap for future sustainability initiatives, and it demonstrates BC Hydro's commitment to a sustainable future for B.C.

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Source: BC Hydro


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