AVEVA Software Helps Customers Go Net Zero

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AVEVA, the global industrial software leader, has achieved its 2025 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets for Scopes 1 and 2 ahead of schedule.

In tandem, the company has accelerated its investments in software solutions designed to assist customers in the UK and beyond in their decarbonisation efforts. These noteworthy accomplishments are detailed in AVEVA's newly released 2023 Sustainability Progress Report, which highlights substantial advancements in all three pillars of the company's sustainability framework: product strategy, operations, and culture.

Four out of the 15 ESG goals for 2025 have already been attained by AVEVA, including a 93% reduction in GHG emissions across operations (Scopes 1 & 2) from the FY20 baseline, a 43% decrease in GHG emissions related to business travel (Scope 3) from the FY20 baseline, and the maintenance of a top 25% ranking in security benchmarks (BitSight). Furthermore, AVEVA has succeeded in placing its employees in the top 25% for industry confidence in reporting unethical behaviour.

Caspar Herzberg, AVEVA's CEO, expressed pride in the company's achievements, emphasising the progress made in reducing environmental impact, enhancing sustainability with customers, and fortifying the organisational culture. He underlined the importance of these accomplishments as AVEVA continues its commitment to developing software that plays a pivotal role in delivering a socially just, low-carbon future.

This marks AVEVA's third year of reporting on its strategic environmental, social, and governance (ESG) framework and commitments, with the initial report establishing commitments for 2030 and the second introducing 15 ESG targets for 2025.

AVEVA's commitment to sustainability extends throughout its product strategy, operations, and culture. The "technology handprint" pillar integrates sustainability into the core of the company's product strategy, introducing new sustainability-specific features into its software portfolio and investing in global sales enablement aligned with the green economy's growth.

Additional sustainability highlights encompass over 115 innovative sustainability concepts generated during hackathons, collaboration with 750+ universities worldwide, and a pilot impact study on the contribution of industrial software to achieving net-zero objectives.

Under the "operational footprint" pillar, AVEVA prioritises ethical best practices and environmental stewardship across its operations and value chain. Results achieved in FY23 include validation of AVEVA's net-zero commitments by the Science Based Targets initiative, recognition by the Financial Times as a Europe Climate Leader, and the launch of a Supplier Code of Conduct and responsible sourcing programme.

AVEVA's inclusive culture pillar focuses on promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and wellbeing (DEIW) throughout employees' careers. Notable achievements in this area include the recruitment of 37.2% women among new hires in FY23, leadership training for over 200 employees, and the participation of 36% of employees in Action for Good events. The company has also pledged support for equity movements, signing Change the Race Ratio and the Race at Work Charter.

AVEVA's Global Head of Sustainability, Lisa Wee, emphasised the value of a well-defined sustainability strategy for businesses. She highlighted that such a framework allows organisations to set direction, achieve alignment, and measure impact, ultimately fostering collaboration with like-minded customers and partners.

For further details on AVEVA's sustainability targets and accomplishments, including an overview of sustainability solutions, an in-depth analysis of gender representation and pay parity within the organisation, and alignment with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), readers are encouraged to refer to the complete report.

How AVEVA Software Drives Industrial Sustainability

AVEVA has been instrumental in helping several customers unlock sustainability gains, including:

In the United States

Kellogg's: Achieving $3.3 million annually in energy and water cost savings at their Battle Creek plant, along with $1.8 million in rebates.

Schneider Electric: Realising a 26% reduction in energy consumption and a 20% reduction in water usage at the Lexington Smart Factory.

In Europe

Henkel: Achieving a 16% year-on-year reduction in energy consumption, resulting in over €37 million in energy cost savings across their laundry and home care unit.

Heineken: Successfully reducing emissions by 40% and water usage by 25% at their Seville brewery.

Toyota: Attaining a 35% reduction in energy consumption and a 28% drop in CO2 emissions across eight plants in the European Union.

In Turkey

Oyak: Replacing 30% of fossil fuels with renewables, resulting in savings of €5-7 million for every 1% decrease in energy use.

In Asia

Nestlé: Achieving a 3% reduction in energy use or a 10% cost savings at 4 sites in Thailand.

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