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AMTE Power has achieved UN38.3 transportation testing certification for a sodium-ion cell, making it the first European company to do so.

This certification represents a significant milestone for AMTE Power, as it enables the company to access global markets and advance its commercialisation plans for its Ultra Safe sodium-ion product.

The UN38.3 certification is a globally recognised standard that regulatory bodies and authorities have adopted for the secure transportation of cells. The certification involves identifying and classifying cells, meeting testing and qualification requirements, adhering to design guidelines and conditions, and complying with packaging and shipping obligations.

AMTE Power's CEO, Alan Hollis, stated that battery energy storage will play a crucial role in meeting the UK's decarbonisation goals and unlocking the potential of renewables for both homes and industry. He highlighted that the demand for sodium-ion batteries as an alternative to lithium is increasing, and the company's sodium-ion cell, which has been developed specifically for energy storage applications, provides a safe and stable solution without adding pressure to lithium stocks. He further added that achieving UN38.3 certification is a significant milestone for the company and will enable them to scale up production to meet customers' needs.

In addition, AceOn, a UK-based company, has incorporated AMTE Power's Ultra Safe cells into its 12- and 43-volt battery packs for mobile energy storage. This is believed to be the first UK-developed battery pack based on sodium-ion, and its performance will be showcased at the Renewable Energy Workshop and Mobile Solar Power Energy Storage System Demonstration (REWED) event.

Mark Thompson, the Managing Director at AceOn, emphasised the importance of collaborating with a UK-based manufacturer, AMTE Power, and building the packs in the UK, which represents a significant step-change in battery chemistry and presents opportunities across various industries and applications.

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