American Airlines Gets 'Eco-Airline of the Year' Title

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Image of an American Airlines Airbus A321-200 plane takes off from Los Angeles International airport (LAX) in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Air Transport World (ATW), the primary media outlet catering to the information needs of the worldwide airline and commercial air transport industries, declared that American Airlines has been designated as the Eco-Airline of the Year for 2023.

“American is actively incorporating sustainability at every level of our business, from the fuel we buy to the food we serve our customers,” American CEO Robert Isom said. “And our all-the-above approach is just getting started. As Eco-Airline of the Year, we will continue to lead the industry as an innovator in this space and affirm our unyielding commitment to build an American Airlines that will thrive forever.”

ATW praised American's efforts to run a more fuel-efficient operation with more fuel-efficient aircraft powered increasingly by low-carbon fuel and new technology, including the airline's most extensive fleet renewal effort in industry history and significant investments in fuel for the future.

Smart gating optimises gate assignments at busy airports and maximises fuel efficiency. It is now in operation at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Charlotte Douglas International Airport, and Miami International Airport and is estimated to save 1.4 million gallons of fuel and 13,500 metric tonnes of CO2 each year.

Ongoing fleet renewal initiatives have also enabled the airline to improve fuel economy by more than 10% since 2013, saving 1.9 billion gallons of oil and preventing the emission of 19 million metric tonnes of CO2.

The world's biggest airline used 2 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in 2022, which was double what it used the year before. This made it the leader in the industry. SAF agreements with Gevo, Inc., Neste, and Aemetis bring the airline’s total low-carbon fuel commitments to more than 620 million gallons. American is also the first U.S. airline to make two direct investments in the future of hydrogen distribution logistics and the development of hydrogen-electric propulsion technology.

American was the first airline in the world to have its intermediate carbon emissions reduction objective validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). The airline's science-based goal is to reduce carbon intensity by 45% by 2035, compared to a 2019 baseline.

“At a time when sustainability is a driving force in the aviation industry, American Airlines has a clear vision for the future of sustainable aviation and is making meaningful strides to reach their goals. With a comprehensive carbon emissions reduction strategy that touches nearly every part of their company, awarding Eco-Airline of the Year to American is incredibly well-deserved in what was the most competitive field yet,” said ATW Editor-in-Chief Karen Walker.

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Source: American Airlines