Top ESG Courses in London: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Investing

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by Zara Ali
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The importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in finance and investment has increased quickly, and London is an important location for sustainable finance. Many courses are available for people seeking to upskill and work in this field. This article features some of the top ESG courses in London, as listed on, to help readers make informed decisions about starting a career in sustainable investing.

Top 7 Certification Courses in London

Here’s a list of the best certification courses available in London. 

ESG Investing Masterclass (CFA Society United Kingdom)

The CFA Society United Kingdom is offering a thorough ESG Investing Masterclass aimed at finance professionals who want to improve their knowledge of ESG principles and practices. The course includes modules on ESG integration, green and sustainable bonds, climate change risks, and corporate engagement. The course provides practical learning opportunities and case studies, making it an excellent option for those seeking to gain a comprehensive understanding of ESG investing.

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ESG for Investment Professionals (London Stock Exchange)

The London Stock Exchange offers a course that provides an introduction to ESG, focusing on managing risks and making investment decisions. The course covers essential ESG metrics, frameworks, and regulations, and participants will develop practical skills in ESG data analysis and portfolio management. This course is ideal for investment professionals interested in incorporating ESG factors into their investment strategies.

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Sustainable Finance and ESG (Imperial College Business School)

The comprehensive course on sustainable finance and ESG offered by Imperial College Business School helps participants gain a deep understanding of the global sustainable finance landscape. The course covers topics such as ESG integration, climate risk management, and green financing, and discusses the leading sustainability standards and frameworks, such as the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). The course is suitable for finance professionals, regulators, and policymakers.

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ESG and Responsible Investment Training (PRI Academy)

The PRI Academy has an online training programme available for professionals who want to learn about responsible investment and ESG. The course covers important ESG concepts, recent trends, and industry best practices. Participants will learn how to incorporate ESG factors into their investment strategies and decision-making processes. Asset owners, investment managers, and service providers can all benefit from taking this course.

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ESG and Impact Investing: Strategies for Success (London Business School)

This course by London Business School is an executive education programme that focuses on ESG and impact investing. It equips participants with the necessary tools and knowledge to create and implement successful ESG investment strategies. The course covers topics such as impact measurement, ESG risk management, and sustainable finance innovations. It is designed for investment professionals, asset owners, and corporate executives and emphasises practical, real-world case studies and expert insights.

Leading Sustainable Corporations Programme (Oxford University)

Compared to the other courses on the list that mainly focus on finance, this course covers a broader range of topics. A considerable amount of time is dedicated to exploring how corporations create value, not only in the context of capitalism but also about other stakeholders. The course includes discussions on issues such as climate change, natural capital management, and social sustainability. However, these topics are discussed within the context of corporate management, focusing on the role of corporations and how they can tackle the numerous challenges of our rapidly changing world.

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Certificate In ESG Investing (London Governance & Compliance Academy)

The CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing focuses on environmental, social, and governance issues as they relate to making investment decisions. It covers key issues such as how to identify these factors and incorporate them into investments. This qualification is suitable for all levels of investment practitioners, whether you are starting a career in finance or already managing a multi-asset fund on a global scale, advising on financial products, or working in risk management. The CFA Society of the United Kingdom (CFA UK) oversees the development, administration, and awarding of the Certificate in ESG Investing. Successful candidates will be awarded the CFA UK Level 4 Certificate in ESG Investing.


To keep up with the finance and investment industry's focus on ESG factors, professionals need to upskill in this area. In London, there are several ESG courses available that can help participants gain the required knowledge, skills, and practical experience to succeed in sustainable investing. 

By investing in ESG education today, professionals can contribute to creating a more sustainable world and be better prepared to shape the future of finance.

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