Top 9 Sustainable Plus-Size Clothing Brands in 2023

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by Eric Burdon
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With many small and medium-sized fashion brands understanding the dangers of fast fashion, new clothing brands have emerged to offer sustainable alternatives to consumers. However, despite the surge of new fashion brands and a growing majority moving towards sustainability, the number of sustainable clothing brands for plus sizes is lacking.

Compared to smaller sizes, there is a larger selection, but soon enough, plus-size clothing from sustainable brands will be more widely available. So far in 2023, there are close to 100 brands to pick from. Here is a small sampling of brands to keep an eye on.

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Ace & Jig

Based in Brooklyn, New York (and Portland, Oregon), Ace & Jig has been offering sizes up to 4X since 2009. The biggest draw was the colourful designs, as the styles and textiles were all focused on colour patterns and texture to make the fabric pop. The main line of clothing is also seasonless, making it ideal for all-year-round use.


Altar is another fashion brand based out of Portland, Oregon, that was started in 2010. Under a different name (but the same location), the store focused on supporting indie artists in the area. The clothing they design, which can be upwards of 6X, is all about sharing a meaning. As such, Altar supports independent manufacturers for their brand as well.

Anne Mulaire

Starting up in Canada, Anne Mulaire takes strong ethics into overdrive by weaving that into decisions on comfort and sustainability.  This brand can say with absolute confidence that their clothing is entirely made by Canadians.Best of all, the clothing can fit up to a size 6X.

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A United Kingdom-based clothing brand, birdsong was inspired by both an inspiring mission and a passionate community that the owner surrounded herself in. Working behind the scenes as a fashion marketer for various brands over the years, she had a pulse on understanding customers and what was important to them. That much is clear by the cheeky graphics, fun colours, and the wide range of selection - offering up to sizes 3X/UK 24.

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Based out of Paris, France, Dressarte is unique on the list for the fact that they offer made-to-measure clothing and tailoring services. This allows you to make fully custom-made clothes for both casual and formal pieces. By default, their clothing is designed for sizes 2X, but custom sizing can ensure it’ll fit any size.

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Encircled takes all the guesswork and fatigue out of outfit decisions and focuses on effortless style and comfort. Made all in Canada through sustainable materials, the clothing is for sizes up to 2X and is versatile and comfortable to wear.


IGIG is another great brand to keep in mind for US shoppers, as they offer work and formal dresses that are good for sizes up to 32 and have custom sizing as well. Sourced from ethical made-to-order locations in Ukraine, IGIG is an example of how fashion can be transported great distances while still being ethical and sustainable.

Loud Bodies

Loud Bodies was created to prove that styles aren’t restricted to size and can still be ethically produced and sustainable for everyone everywhere. Established in Romania, the dresses are vibrant, romantic, and feminine. They’re offered up to sizes 10XL as well, making them very versatile.

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Lucy & Yak

A blast from the past, Lucy & Yak is all about colourful prints that are ethically sourced and remind you a lot of 90s style fashion. The goal is to drive comfort while using organic materials to make their clothing, which is available in sizes up to UK 32. And combined with its care for customers, this brand is looking out for customers of any size while affectionately calling them “Yakkers”.

More Fashion, More Options

A lot of sustainable fashion brands are established in communities, and by looking around, you can find a lot of sustainable options. There are so many brands that can suit your needs whether you need custom fits, something comfortable, or something vibrant and using quality material. 

These brands look after their customers while also looking after those who make these clothes in the first place. Can’t go wrong with that!

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