ESG Events - What's the Value of Attending?

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by Aaroshi Rathor

ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance. With the ongoing climate crisis posing a hazard for the whole of humanity, companies have adopted a more holistic approach towards sustainability which extends beyond environmental or social issues. Stakeholders and investors are more concerned about an organisation’s sustainability operations and whether it is reaching the goal of ethical investing. Keeping all these factors in mind, organisations across the globe arrange a wide variety of  ESG events. So, what is the value of sending teams to attend an ESG event? Is it to gain more visibility or to gather information on measuring the sustainability of an investment? Let’s find out. 

1. Communicate your ESG strategy to investors  

ESG investing is at an all-time high, so it is important to stay up to date with the latest developments taking place in the ESG arena while keeping in mind the idea to build an effective ESG strategy to attract investors. By sending out your company’s teams to attend ESG events or conferences, you are not only expanding your network in the industry but also a strong ESG narrative where you can showcase your company’s efforts towards sustainability and governance and make a lasting impression on stakeholders, investors and other prospective clients at a global stage. 

2. Develop brand image

Most of the corporations attending ESG events often have a misconception about the event being focussed only on environmental sustainability and governance. A key factor in attending these events is to interact with people from different parts of the world. In this way, you not only get to know diverse world views on sustainable investing but also you can help develop your company’s brand image as one of diversity and inclusivity, which creates a positive impact on key investors to show your company as socially responsible. 

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3. Cut down travel costs 

Since the pandemic arrived, virtual conferences and events have been the norm for corporations worldwide. By attending a virtual ESG event, you can not only gain the attention of investors and retain key stakeholders, but you are also cutting down on heavy travel expenses incurred by organisations  each year while reducing your carbon footprint. Companies will not only discuss compelling stories on environmental sustainability,  but also directly take action towards it through this simple act.

They will be engaged through a branded virtual event while attending it free of cost. Do, however, ensure you adequately scope out the online events ahead of time. Participating may be simple, but it still makes sense to use the time effectively. Make a list of specific knowledge goals to take away from the event, which specific presentations to hone in on, and contact details of informative speakers should you wish to find out more about key initiatives relevant to your business. 

4. Engagement with experts

ESG events provide ample opportunities for companies to interact with world business leaders, environmental scientists, activists, and renowned experts who offer insightful advice and solutions. It is bringing forward the whole world at a common platform to take the initiative to address critical environmental and social issues plaguing the planet.

Each expert has specialisation in one area and with a cumulative mix of minds, it will definitely bring a much-needed positive result not only pertaining to a particular country’s climate but key ESG challenges in the world.      

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5. Capture youth 

In our previous article on SDGs and their importance for SMEs, it was mentioned that youth investors and employees alike are more attracted to companies that have a focus on sustainability goals and environmental causes. ESG events make it easy to interact with a younger audience and to know their mindset regarding environmental and social issues.

To attract youth investors, it is important to send teams to build good investor relations while making a positive image for your company. As a result, key investors are more likely to opt for a company that has a solid hold on its ESG outcome.   


ESG events can lead to a more knowledge-enhancing experience for your team. Employers can take the initiative to inform and educate employees about ‘ESG’ and its overall impact on the organisation, and on climate change through various online ESG certification courses. Benefits can spill over into personal actions too. For example: how carpooling to work reduces emissions. Interacting with experts, either in-person or online, will also connect your employees to the reality of the climate crisis and how your region connects to the global context of the challenge. However, virtual ESG events alone and discussions without taking any action will lead nowhere, where possible it makes sense to get your team involved directly, finding their own influences and bringing them back to the company and making it part of your identity.

Take a look at some of the ESG events happening around the world and become an active participant. Improve your company’s ESG ratings and attend ESG events in your area or online to improve your action towards environmental sustainability. Start now, visit,  


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