5 Tech Companies That Support Employee Well-Being Fantastically

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Beyond living wages, another major employee need is to be looked after in a physical and mental capacity. Over the years, we’ve grown used to talking about mental health and finding great ways to deal with it. But it’s about time companies join in on these discussions and help employees not just cover those mental wellness needs, but also allow them to feel well coming to work and working throughout the day.

Some companies clearly need a lot of work in regard to this, but for some, achieving the balance between work and wellness is a bit easier. There are several programmes that top-rated companies have put together and used to embrace a culture of wellness for their staff. Here are some of those companies.


Software company Asana has a very robust wellness programme that begins with the fact that their offices have “nap rooms.” The presence alone allows individuals to rest up, recharge, and de-stress. Though this is a drop in the ocean compared to Asana’s policy of employees having unlimited personal time in the office to ensure employees have full control over their work and life.

In other cases of wellness, Asana offers daily yoga programmes and free gym memberships. Even the food made there for staff is made from local and organic farms. Read more on Asana’s approach here.

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Atlassian is another software company with a solid safety net for new recruits. Every new hire is put through an empowering and formalised introduction that Atlassian has put into a simple process. It starts with the new hire being asked to write an introduction blog post that is then shared with the entire company.

This introduction alone allows employees to detail their role in the business, their interests, and their motivations for joining the company. In addition to this post, they are also introduced to the weekly Global Town Hall that Atlassian puts together. There, they are assigned a work friend who is able to help with questions, make introductions, and support the new hire. Find out more on Atlassian employee wellbeing here.


Unlike Twitter and Facebook, which have somewhat fallen out of favour, one notable tech giant is still on top of employee wellness. Google offers an incredible amount of wellness services to employees, including onsite healthcare services, physicians, chiropractors, and massages. It boasts a fitness centre, classes, and community bikes as well.

Google also allows flexible hours, generous vacation time, and volunteer time, helping employees be able to balance their lives with their work. Here’s a good look into what the company offers.

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The wellness programme Synchrony offers its employees takes the form of coaching. Specifically, the company relies on well-being coaches who partner with employees to create personalised wellness strategies based on their strengths and values.

While there is nothing wrong with a wellness coach coming in or being on call for staff, having one that is tailored to each employee's needs is a step above and creates a more rewarding and motivating experience. Read more on Synchrony’s coaching philosophy here.


Another solid software company with a robust wellness programme is SAS. Even though the workspace is in cubicles, SAS has taken the liberty to make the office space bright, open, and with plenty of windows, pops of colour, and displays of original artwork. Although not a direct perk, this alone is a good start in ensuring the workspace is comfortable and easy to work in, and is a good sign for a large, established company. 

As far as direct programmes go, SAS’s world headquarters has an onsite recreation and fitness centre, as well as health care. There are also educational programmes to help them achieve their goals. They even have a subsidised daycare.

Wellness Programmes Are A Must-Have

It’s easy to pay lip service to many ESG efforts, but it’s another to show that you care about employees. A lot of these companies have incredible wellness programs and it’s well worth considering these companies to invest in or to work for. At the very least, these wellness programmes vary greatly, and so provide some solid ideas for other companies to take note of when creating their own.

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