WWF's Digital Hub for Eco-Friendly Business

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WWF has recently introduced a digital hub that aims to assist businesses in their pursuit of sustainability.

According to WWF's official statement, while public companies are responsible for around 40% of global emissions that contribute to climate change, the private sector can also play a significant role in promoting the shift towards a net-zero and "nature-positive" economy.

The hub, known as "The Future of Business," provides workable insights on sustainable practices to companies in Central and Eastern Europe, thereby offering sustainable business solutions.

The platform initiates its journey by providing education on five distinct themes: climate leadership, water and forest stewardship, finance, and food systems. To support these topics, the hub uses three types of media: videos, podcasts, and articles.

Velux, the window manufacturer, supports the first season of the podcast, and the first episode, '1.5C Emission Possible: How Businesses Can Drive the Transition Toward a Net-Zero Economy, is already available for listening.

In addition, WWF plans to organise sector-based events to promote the exchange of expertise and develop a virtual library containing scientific reports and practical guidelines.

WWF and Velux have partnered since 2020 to collaborate for 20 years to take responsibility for emissions and concentrate on forest preservation and restoration. 'The Future of Business' is a sub-project of this partnership.

Peter Baráth, the regional director of marketing and partnerships at WWF CEE, said, "We have created 'The Future of Business' to explore what the future of our region might look like and how we can shape it in favour of people and nature. We aim to spark the crucial conversation about the business case for sustainability."

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