United Nations Celebrates 50 Years of Multilateral Environmental Action

Published on: 05 April 2022
by KnowESG
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The United Nations will commemorate its fifty years of multilateral environmental action in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, this summer. The UN Science-Policy-Business Forum on the Environment (UN-SPBF) will organise its Fourth High-Level Global Session in Stockholm from May to June.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, most global summits have happened virtually, and this is for the first time the world leaders will convene in person at the UN-SPBF Fourth High-Level Global Session in Stockholm.

The global event sees world leaders, ministers, diplomats, and influential partners from business, science, finance, policy and civil society collaborating and discussing several issues, particularly on the planet's most pressing environmental challenges.

The global summit will focus on sustainable and transformative actions to put the world on track to achieve multilateral environmental goals. It will also leverage technologies and innovations to power greener and more equitable transitions.

Transformers is a technology and innovation event that will take place at the historic Kungstradgarden in conjunction with Stockhom+50 to celebrate innovation and demonstrate how some of the latest technologies have the potential to move the world towards a more sustainable path.

Transformers offers an immersive experience with the use of cutting-edge digital arts and technology. Ricki Kej, the world-renowned Grammy Award-winning composer, will perform an open-air performance in Kungstradgarden to commemorate the premiere of TRANSFORMERS@ Stockholm+50.