UBS Joins Green Group to Drive Sustainable Practices

Published on: 8 April 2022 06:20 PM
by KnowESG

UBS, the global investment banking company, has recently joined Green Software Foundation as a steering member. The move is part of the firm's promise to accelerate more sustainable practices in its international operations. It has set net-zero greenhouse gas emissions targets across all its operations by 2050.

The firm's collaboration with the Green Software Foundation helps it explore opportunities to reduce emissions from its large technology estate.

UBS, with 160 years of history and more than 70,000 employees working worldwide, is constantly evolving as a global leader in the field of technology and digital culture. The wealth manager knows that the next step in its evolution is to use greener development principles as an integral part of its approach in the future, besides increasing digital transformation.

The firm has made significant advances in reducing its carbon emissions over the last decade. A recent project on which UBS is working is to explore the carbon-aware applications that provide users to opt for computing alternatives with the lowest emissions. The firm's partnership with the Green Software Foundation will help adopt and share best practices and knowledge with other members.

Mike Dargan, Group Chief Digital and Information Officer, said: "We are delighted to join the Green Software Foundation as a steering member. At UBS, we believe that reducing carbon emissions can be tackled on many fronts, and our technology estate is one area in which we can proactively reduce our footprint by changing some of our day-to-day practices and behaviours."

Both UBS and the Green Software Foundation believe that everyone has a significant role in bringing down carbon emissions. This collaboration will facilitate the growth of companies sustainably and aim for an environmental-friendly business in future.

The Sustainable Technology Guild formed by UBS in 2021 helps deliver on its 'Net-Zero by 2050' commitment. It zeroes in on innovation and knowledge-sharing and looks forward to playing a leading role in promoting technology-focused initiatives to bring down the firm's environmental impacts.