UBQ Materials Gets UL 2809 Recycled Content Validation for UBQ™

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UBQ Materials, a climate-tech producer of advanced materials produced from unsorted waste, including all organics, announced that their UBQ™ Powder earned UL Environmental Claim Validation for containing at least 100 per cent post-consumer recycled content.

UL, a global pioneer in safety science, holds companies accountable to sustainability promises through independent and impartial evaluations based on a rigorous scientific-based approach. 

The UL 2809 certification confirms that UBQ™ Powder is fully made of post-consumer recycled material. Companies and manufacturers can use UBQ™ instead of oil-based resins to increase post-consumer recycled content in products.

European plastics industry organisations have endorsed the European Commission's policy proposal to require a minimum of 30% recycled content in plastic packaging by 2030.

Albert Douer, Chairman and Co-CEO of UBQ Materials, said: 

"In light of regulations and taxations, global corporations are running against the clock to assess and implement solutions to fulfil ambitious ESG commitments. There is an urgent and growing demand for quality post-consumer recycled content materials that support these goals. Utilising unsorted household waste, an abundant and globally available resource, we have a scalable and cost-competitive material that we can confidently supply to the industry today.”

UBQ™️ is a bio-based thermoplastic with a worldwide patent that is good for the environment and works well with standard manufacturing processes. Leading brands like Mercedes-Benz, PepsiCo, and McDonald's can use UBQ Materials to reduce the carbon footprint of their final products, make the most of recycled materials, and protect limited resources without compromising on revenue.

Source: UBQ Materials

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