Turkey's Quake Zones Get 12,000 Solar Panels

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Picture of a solar panel in a tent city in Hatay, Turkey.

The Solar Energy Industrialists and Industry Association (GENSED) has said that 12,000 solar panels will be sent to the southeast of Turkey to help with the immediate electricity needs caused by the recent strong earthquakes centred in Kahramanmaraş.

The Secretary General of GENSED, Hakan Erkan, said that since the earthquake, the group worked closely with the Energy Investors Association (GÜYAD) and the International Solar Energy Community Türkiye Division (GÜNDER) to make a list of the resources and supplies that are needed. The solar energy companies that are members of GENSED have confirmed their readiness to provide support and equipment.

Erkan emphasised that they are determined to help the quake-hit region and have taken stock of essential devices such as solar panels, inverters, and batteries, which can be installed on the ground or on the roof, to meet the energy requirements. These devices are now ready to be dispatched to the affected regions.

Erkan noted that the panels and equipment can be easily installed, and the first installation will be done free of charge by the technical personnel of the companies within GENSED, GÜNDER, and GÜYAD. He added that the first 4,000 pieces of equipment will be sent in advance to meet the electricity requirements of 1,000 containers.

Erkan explained that the four panels would be placed in each container, and the electricity provided by these panels will initially operate lighting, telephone charges, information, and A+ energy efficiency refrigerators. Their target is to use three to four-kilowatt inverters with three to four panels together and establish reliable electricity-generating systems with batteries.

Erkan mentioned that some of the panel and equipment costs for the disaster-stricken region were donated, and organisations such as the Ahbap Association provided aid to cover others. The Ahbap Association has requested 4,000 panels for 1,000 containers, and GENSED is currently working on fulfilling this order.

Erkan stated that a total of 12,000 solar panels with a capacity of 400-500 watts are planned for the region. He added that since its establishment in 2009, GENSED has specialised in off-grid power plants, and its current systems are modern and primarily on-grid. The association aims to showcase its expertise in this sector and offer support to those affected by the disaster.

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Source: Daily Sabah


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