Tyre Recycler Genan Employs Ndustrial Energy System to Optimise Operations

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Kriegers Flak

Tyre and scrap recycling company Genan is using an automated energy management system from Ndustrial that can help adjust use based on demands, showing the potential to help with energy optimisation and intensity in industrial facilities. Ndustrial says the system has already helped the mechanical tyre recycler save $1 million in energy costs.

Genan is using the energy management system in its Houston plant to help shift its energy load based on demand and prices. Genan says energy prices at the location are generally lower than in other areas in the United States and Europe, but the fluctuations are higher.

Industrial operations, such as materials recovery facilities, can use large amounts of energy, making management systems a good tool to help with efficiency. Ndustrial says companies like recycling also are a step ahead because they already have sustainability as an operational focus.

Managing energy intensity and reliability can be an important operational consideration, especially in an area like Texas where grid resiliency has been questioned during extremely hot and cold weather events. Ndustrial also says managing those energy demands can lower costs and increase competitiveness.

Genan, which also has facilities in Europe, recycles more than 100,000 metric tonnes of tyres a year at its Houston plant. The company says it recycles where output can substitute for virgin raw material.

According to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, nearly 90% of tyres are now kept out of landfills, and recycling four tyres reduces carbon emissions by 323 pounds. Recycling overall is considered energy efficient because repurposing materials takes less energy than processing new materials.

The tyre industry overall has increased sustainability efforts as well. Bridgestone, for example, is developing a recycling platform, using a recyclable silicone sealant, and has increased investment in natural rubber from guayule. Goodyear also made tyres with materials from soybean oil and dandelions.

Ndustrial’s platforms help manage energy in a variety of ways, including controlling peak demands at industrial and refrigeration facilities. The company also recently expanded the capabilities of its software to automate the reporting of Scope 3 emissions.

Source: Environmental Leader

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