TIACA Tracks Air Cargo Sustainability

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The 4th Annual Air Cargo Sustainability Survey has been officially launched by The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA), marking a pivotal moment in the industry's commitment to environmental responsibility.

This year's survey seeks to further gauge the progress of the air cargo sector in its journey towards a sustainable future, and the call goes out to the entire industry to actively participate, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the ongoing sustainability initiatives.

The invaluable insights and recommendations derived from the Air Cargo Sustainability Survey are an annual highlight, with the findings being showcased in the renowned Insights Report. This report, which first graced the industry in 2020, not only offers a snapshot of current sustainability efforts but also serves as a valuable benchmark for tracking year-on-year advancements in air cargo's eco-conscious practices.

Steven Polmans, Chair of TIACA, expressed pride in witnessing the industry's dedication to sustainability, emphasising the programme's role in spotlighting these collective endeavours through the Insights Report, Sustainability Awards, and initiatives like BlueSky. He celebrated the unity of the industry in tackling this critical mission.

Launched in 2020 as a core component of TIACA's Sustainability Programme, the Annual Air Cargo Sustainability Survey is part of a broader effort to rally the air cargo sector around a shared vision, goals, and an actionable roadmap to expedite sustainability progress.

This programme has been designed to provide vital support to TIACA's members and the industry as a whole, facilitating the necessary transformation that will benefit the planet, the people, and businesses alike. This initiative is closely aligned with the 3+2 vision, encompassing people, planet, prosperity, as well as innovation and partnerships.

Glyn Hughes, Director General, stressed the importance of monitoring the collective efforts of the industry to ensure sustainable progress is not only achieved but also effectively communicated to the world.

The Insights Report plays a pivotal role in this endeavour, and the industry's feedback, collected through the survey, will be instrumental in this process. Anticipation is building as the results of the survey are set to be shared with the industry early next year.

In the spirit of promoting sustainability, the Air Cargo Sustainability Survey can be accessed here, inviting active participation from stakeholders across the air cargo sector.

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