The Eco-Friendly Beef Burger to Try

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A man walking in front of a Grill'd outlet in the UK.

Grill'd, a healthy burger restaurant chain, is introducing a new type of beef called the "Gamechanger". This beef is made from black angus cattle and is sustainable, grass-fed, and produces fewer methane emissions compared to regular cattle.

Grill'd has partnered with Sea Forest and validated by the University of New England NSW to reduce methane emissions from its grass-fed cows. They feed the cows Asparagopsis, a Tasmanian seaweed that has reduced emissions by up to 67%. Ongoing trials aim for a 90% reduction. This is a world first and could revolutionise the grass-fed beef industry, helping meet the government's goal of reducing methane emissions by 30% by 2030.

Grill'd is taking a major step towards reducing its carbon footprint with the introduction of Gamechanger beef. This sustainable, grass-fed beef, made from cattle that produce fewer methane emissions, allows customers to enjoy their burgers while being environmentally friendly. The Gamechanger beef has the same great taste as regular grass-fed beef and is better for the planet.

"Asparagopsis is a seaweed native to Tasmania. It's very special as it has a unique set of properties that carry across to cattle, and when consumed, it reduces methane in those animals. It's great to see a direct-to-consumer product that Sea Forest is contributing to where consumers can make a real difference themselves - enjoying low-carbon products that are better for the planet," says Rocky De Nys, Chief Scientific Officer of Sea Forest.

"We're really excited to see Gamechanger beef come to life. This is the future of beef - and we won't stop at 61 restaurants. But for now, and for only an extra buck, guests can help the planet by choosing a low methane product, simply by upgrading their favourite beef burger," says Grill'd Founder Simon Crowe.

The company is known for its commitment to serving healthy and natural burgers made with RSPCA-approved chicken and free-range eggs. Their buns are baked daily without artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives and sourced from local suppliers. The patty production facility and restaurants run on 100% Green Power to support renewable energy, and local, fresh ingredients are used whenever possible.

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