Survey: 98% of Wealth Managers Back 'Green' Nuclear

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A remarkable article by ETF platform HANetf sheds light on the fascinating perspective of wealth managers towards nuclear energy, which they consider a pivotal force in the journey to achieve net zero emissions.

In their recent 'Thematic & Digital Assets Review' spanning January to June 2023, HANetf explores various market trends, encompassing defence, carbon credits, and digital assets, accompanied by expert commentary.

The review's subtitle, 'A New Dawn for Markets?', perfectly encapsulates the prevailing sentiment of wealth managers, who exude overwhelming confidence in the ongoing market recovery, with an astonishing 98% expressing positivity.

A particularly intriguing revelation from the survey of 50 wealth managers is that an equal number of them, 98%, firmly believe in classifying nuclear energy as "green" and consider it an indispensable component of the transition to a sustainable, net-zero future.

Geopolitics has assumed a paramount role in the fund selection process, a fact highlighted by nearly 80% of wealth managers. Addressing this trend, HANetf took proactive measures and introduced the Future of Defence UCITS ETF (NATO) to capitalise on mounting geopolitical tensions and increased spending by NATO+ allies.

The article also alludes to a significant event in the past year when European Commissioners faced accusations of greenwashing due to granting 'green' status to gas and nuclear energy under EU sustainable finance rules. Such incidents underscore the importance of accurate assessments and classifications in the pursuit of environmentally responsible investments.

Hector McNeil, the co-CEO and co-founder of HANetf, emphasises the article's significance as it arms investors with critical insights into thematic ETFs, crypto, and commodity ETCs. The survey results clearly indicate the unwavering belief of wealth managers that markets will continue their positive trajectory in 2023, making this a must-read for anyone navigating the evolving landscape of investment opportunities.

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