Stora Enso Unveils Recyclable Board for Food Packaging

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Tambrite Aqua+ is a novel packaging material for frozen and chilled food that enhances recyclability and minimises reliance on non-renewable plastic.

Tambrite folding box board has been the preferred choice for more than 50 years, owing to its exceptional stiffness, bulk, printability, and durability. The recently launched Aqua+ is a water-based dispersion coating that ensures optimal food safety and protection.

Sofia Hallbäck, Business Development Manager for Barrier Solutions at Stora Enso, affirms, "Customers have expressed their preference for circular packaging in their daily lives. We take pride in presenting Tambrite Aqua+, a sustainable fibre-based packaging that can be conveniently recycled. This solution demonstrates how innovative technology can meet the demands of packaging for frozen, chilled, and even dry food."

Tambrite Aqua+ employs a dispersion coating that curtails the need for plastic, thereby reducing the expenses faced by packagers in the form of extended producer responsibility (EPR) fees. Furthermore, Tambrite Aqua+ is free of fluorochemicals, impervious to moisture and grease, and carries the PAP21 logo to indicate its effortless recyclability alongside regular paper and board waste streams.

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Source: Stora Enso

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