Stellar Ace's 'Green Package': ESG Advertiser's Choice

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Stellar Ace, a prominent Singaporean media company, has unveiled an innovative and groundbreaking initiative called the 'Green Package.'

This first-of-its-kind offering aims to support all companies striving to promote their environmentally friendly efforts.

Embracing the ethos of their 'Green Journey' workflow, the Green Package places a strong emphasis on sustainability, considering the entire life cycle of each client's advertising campaign. This includes careful consideration of the supplies and processes used, as well as end-of-life recycling practices.

With a strong commitment to environmental preservation, the Green Package ensures the use of eco-friendly FSC-certified paper and environmentally friendly inks for all printed materials.

Moreover, large format displays will employ PET backlit materials and the most recyclable plastic available, guaranteeing vibrant and contrasting client advertisements while remaining environmentally conscious.

The Green Package boasts two distinct features designed to empower clients in their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives. Firstly, for every asset purchased by a client to promote their environmentally responsible initiatives, Stellar Ace will match the effort, effectively doubling the client's ESG endeavours at no extra cost.

Secondly, clients can choose from three network solution bundles, namely Planet Save, Happy Forest, and Eco-view. These bundles combine various advertising platforms, including Out-of-Home (OOH), Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), and Online assets, all available at half the cost for ESG-driven content.

Remarkably, each package will contribute to an estimated carbon footprint reduction of 0.022 tonnes of CO2e and light savings of 199.73 tonnes of CO2e per unit. Furthermore, Stellar Ace will bear the production costs of the free assets.

Jeslyn Tan, the managing director of Stellar Ace, passionately expressed the company's dedication to planetary responsibility, emphasising that the time to act is now.

The Green Package symbolises their unwavering commitment to sustainability while offering clients a tangible and impactful way to enhance their own green initiatives. With such a pioneering and conscious approach to advertising, Stellar Ace is setting a remarkable example for the industry and demonstrating that environmental consciousness can go hand in hand with business success.

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Source: MarkeTech APAC


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