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A campaign has been launched by Sky Sports and Sky Zero to inspire sports fans to prioritise eco-friendly travel while attending The 151st Open and The Hundred.

The initiative, in collaboration with the England and Wales Cricket Board and The R&A, aims to promote sustainable transportation options such as walking, cycling, carpooling, and public transit.

The "Travel Green" campaign will utilise various channels, including TV advertisements, on-screen editorials, outdoor advertising, social media, and exclusive fan experiences, to encourage fans to choose low-carbon travel methods.

This effort is an extension of Sky Sports' "Summer of Sustainability" project, which seeks to engage supporters in combating climate change by reducing their carbon footprint during event travel.

Climate change poses significant threats to the world of sports, from waterlogged pitches and delayed matches to heat-related risks faced by athletes. The UK experienced its hottest June on record, attributed to climate change, and extreme temperatures above 40°C were recorded in July of the previous year.

Fan travel is identified as the largest contributor to the carbon footprint of sporting events, with transportation and accommodation accounting for over 85% of greenhouse gas emissions.

To address this issue, Sky and the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) found that 70% of consumers were open to changing their behaviour to protect the environment. Sky Sports customers who were aware of the Sky Zero campaign showed a greater willingness to adopt sustainable practices compared to those who were not aware.

As part of the initiative, attendees of The 151st Open and The Hundred can participate in Sky's Walk of Fame, a unique green screen experience where fans can have fun recreating the iconic walks of their sports heroes while promoting eco-friendly travel options.

Jonathan Licht, Managing Director of Sky Sports, emphasised the importance of taking action against the climate crisis to safeguard the future of sports.

The partnership with the ECB and The R&A for the Summer of Sustainability campaign aims to inspire fans to travel green, as flooding and droughts resulting from climate change could disrupt the fan experience.

Sanjay Patel, Managing Director of The Hundred, highlighted the vulnerability of cricket to climate change and the collaborative effort needed to promote sustainable actions among fans.

Arlette Anderson, Director of Sustainability at The R&A, stressed the organisation's commitment to environmental stewardship through the Greenlinks programme and encouraged fans to consider eco-friendly travel options for The Open.

Sky's commitment to reducing carbon emissions extends beyond the campaign, with a target of at least a 50% reduction in emissions from the company, its global suppliers, and its technology products.

The goal is to achieve net zero emissions by 2030. For more information on the campaign and how sports fans can contribute to creating a sustainable future, visit

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