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Sidel, a leader in recycled PET (rPET) expertise, has launched its innovative RePETable™ offer. This unique range of services aims to assist the packaging industry in seamlessly shifting to rPET bottle production while enhancing the circularity of primary packaging.

With the RePETable™ offer, Sidel intends to simplify and expedite the market transition to recycled PET by establishing a convenient one-stop shop. This comprehensive service solution enables customers to adopt up to 100% rPET without compromising bottle production. Moreover, Sidel provides support to the industry in developing innovative and sustainable primary packaging materials specifically designed for recycling.

Sidel's packaging innovation experts utilise their extensive knowledge and a state-of-the-art small-scale recycling pilot line in France to develop advanced solutions for efficient rPET bottle production. The RePETable™ offer encompasses a range of dedicated services for rPET, ensuring consistent production performance and bottle quality while leveraging the benefits of virgin PET.

Customers can tailor their selection from the RePETable™ offer to suit their specific requirements. This offering complements Sidel's existing packaging optimisation services for lighter bottle weight, facilitating a cost-effective transition to recycled PET.

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Sidel's deep understanding of recycled PET resin characteristics, combined with over 40 years of blowing and PET packaging expertise, ensures consistent production performance and bottle quality.

The RePETable™ offer provides solutions to address challenges associated with rPET bottle production, ensuring optimal material stretchability, bottle shaping, and mechanical resistance.

Furthermore, Sidel offers rPET-ready features through packaging services, mold solutions, equipment upgrades, and process support. This enables high production performance and bottle quality, even with up to 100% rPET. The blowing process is optimised to tackle challenges related to rPET grades, and out-of-spec rPET is identified and rejected before processing.

Taking a holistic approach, Sidel's investment in a small-scale recycling pilot line supports primary packaging suppliers in innovating with new materials. This comprehensive range of services ensures process efficiency, resin quality, and rPET bottle performance throughout the primary packaging recycling process. Sidel's expertise covers all stages from post-consumer PET bales to flakes, pellets, preform injection, and rPET bottle blow molding.

This unique approach positions Sidel as a leading hub of expertise in closed-loop PET packaging. It increases market understanding of PET recycling and aids in verifying compliance of primary packaging material innovations with bottle-to-bottle recycling standards.

As the demand for rPET continues to grow due to regulations and brand commitments to circular packaging, Sidel's packaging optimisation services for weight reduction help offset the costs of rPET resin. This ensures a cost-efficient transition and the possibility of achieving savings with a quick payback.

With the RePETable™ offer, Sidel aims to establish a virtuous closed-loop process for food-grade rPET bottles. By combining lightweight design and recycled PET, Sidel believes that PET can become carbon-neutral and further strengthen its position as the most sustainable choice among packaging materials.

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