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Sharry, a leading company, has launched an innovative Waste Reporting Portal, aimed at streamlining waste monitoring in office buildings and workplaces.

This portal, integrated into Sharry's comprehensive workplace experience platform, enables companies to effectively track and measure their waste production, meeting the requirements of ESG and other sustainable certifications.

Ever wondered about our waste production? In Europe, the average person generates a staggering 1,073 pounds (487 kg) of waste annually, while in the United States, the figure jumps to approximately 1,642 pounds (745 kg) per person each year. To put it in perspective, that's equivalent to over 4,300 iPhone 14 devices or two adult polar bears.

To accurately assess the waste output from office buildings, campuses, and individual companies, Sharry has introduced the user-friendly Waste Reporting Portal. This portal empowers cleaning staff to effortlessly record and measure the weight of waste, including sorted items, for each company within the building. The interactive web and tablet applications ensure a seamless data collection process.

"Incorporating Waste Reporting into our comprehensive Sharry platform further solidifies its position as an all-in-one solution for managing the complete workplace experience," stated Michal Čeřovský, COO and Co-Founder of Sharry. "By leveraging the unique combination of occupancy data we already analyse, it provides valuable insights for landlords and property managers to optimise building operations. This enables effortless access to average waste production data based on current occupancy."

Sharry also offers the convenience of automated reports and personalised alerts.

To view and compare company ESG Ratings and Sustainability Reports across sectors, follow our Company ESG Profiles page.

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