Sensoro Announces ESG Solutions For Smart City Development

Published on: 04 January 2022
by KnowESG
A city view in the morning

A Brief Summary

Sensoro, a Chinese unicorn company focused on IoT and AI, has announced the launch of a new ESG solution called "SENSORO SOLUTION." Climate monitoring, environmental preservation, improved livelihoods, animal welfare, rubbish sorting, and other uses are among the goals of the programme. In Yichang, Hubei Province, it has built a smart city benchmark case. Sensoro is relying on its AIoT research and development capabilities to apply the modern service idea of sustainable development, which contributes to China's urban and rural areas' digital and intelligent development.

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Sensoro as a city-level data technology service provider has been attracting interest from the capital markets, researchers, doctors and other talents. Through its independent research and development, Smart sensing terminals, IoT communication base stations, chip and edge computing servers, and global data visualisation service platforms are among the technologies and product systems that the team will develop.

In Yichang and Hubei, Sensoro ESG smart solutions have been applied on a big scale. It has been involved in a variety of projects, notably COVID-19 Pandemic preparedness and management, weather monitoring and early warning, Yangtze River ecological protection, vulnerable group care, grassroots level comprehensive medical care, animal welfare protection, and rubbish classification are just a few of the issues that need to be addressed. Sensoro uses the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to provide new life to established industries through creative smart data solutions, resulting in low-carbon, energy-efficient, and intelligent urban construction.

Our goal is to use ESG as a framework for developing more digital solutions for the environment, society, and governance. We are willing to collaborate with industry partners to create a city that is more environmentally friendly, safer, livable, and smart. Furthermore, we are currently witnessing similar transformations. In the future, changes will continue to occur. Sensoro CEO Tony Zhao also said