Sedex Joins Treedom in Planet Greening Effort

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Sedex is pleased to announce its recent collaboration with the Treedom agroforestry platform, further solidifying its dedication to environmental sustainability.

Treedom, established in 2010, is a pioneering organisation that plants trees in various countries worldwide, driving positive changes both environmentally and socially.

Through this collaboration, businesses like Sedex work with Treedom to collectively plant trees around the world as part of community and environmentally friendly initiatives.

Sedex's decision to join Treedom aligns with its new strategy of becoming a leader in promoting social and environmental sustainability within supply chains.

In addition to enhancing data tools, insights, and assessment solutions like the SMETA audit to support their members' supply chain ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals, Sedex is also evolving its own sustainability programme.

Maurizio Capuzzo, Chief Marketing Officer at Sedex, emphasised the organisation's unwavering commitment to driving social and environmental progress. Capuzzo expressed excitement over the partnership with Treedom, highlighting the potential to leverage Treedom's intelligent platform and broader network to amplify its impact.

Through this collaboration, Sedex aims to contribute to projects that mitigate CO2 emissions, foster ecosystem diversity, and support local communities. Capuzzo looks forward to witnessing the growth of Sedex's forest with the invaluable support of its customers, partners, and dedicated Sedex teams.

Sedex's Treedom forest is already making a significant impact by capturing CO2 from the atmosphere. With 200 geolocated trees across countries like Cameroon, Madagascar, and Tanzania, Sedex's forest is estimated to capture 31 tonnes of CO2 over a span of 10 years.

These trees provide not only environmental benefits but also social advantages, such as cacao trees in Cameroon, which offer an additional source of income for the local community.

Treedom operates in collaboration with local organisations, including non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and farmers' cooperatives, ensuring the planting of suitable trees for a region's people and biodiversity. The Treedom platform provides transparent information on each tree's species, coordinates, a photo, and estimated CO2 absorption for the first decade.

Vanina Ricci, Treedom Business Development Manager, expressed great enthusiasm about partnering with Sedex, acknowledging their efforts to become a leading sustainable business in their sector. Ricci expressed pride in Treedom's inclusion in Sedex's ESG strategy and eagerly anticipates the growth and development of the partnership over time.

Throughout 2023, Sedex plans to expand its forest, and interested individuals can track the progress and locations of their trees on the Treedom platform.

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Source: Sedex


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