SDGs in Africa Get Help from Stakeholders

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by KnowESG

Since there hasn't been much progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) around the world, people in the private and social sectors have been looking for ways to solve the problem in Africa.

At the sixth ACT Foundation's yearly breakfast dialogue in Lagos, Managing Director Babban Gonna, Kola Masha, stated that job creation, health care, and education were sustainable solutions.

He regretted that the insecurity was slowing things down and needed to be addressed immediately.

Dr. Mories Atoki, CEO of the African Business Coalition for Health (ABCHealth), reaffirmed that a functional healthcare system is the government's primary obligation.

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Richenda Van Leeuwen, Executive Director of the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), stated that to establish a long-term sustainable solution, gender equality and women entrepreneurship must be in place.

Founder and President of Ashesi University, Ghana, Patrick Awuah, encouraged the introduction of a multi-disciplinary approach in the education sector during a top chat moderated by Executive Director, FATE Foundation, Adenike Adeyemi, on strengthening resilience and adaptive capacity for sustainable transformation.

“Ethics are fundamental to great leadership. When you undermine trust, you miss out on certain capital flows,” he added.

Source: The Guardian

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