SCHOTT Joins UN Global Compact for Sustainability

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Schott, a renowned speciality glass manufacturer, has recently become a member of the prestigious United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). This initiative emphasises the significance of sustainable and responsible corporate practices worldwide.

Dr. Frank Heinricht, the CEO of Schott, expressed the company's dedication to integrating sustainability into all aspects of its operations alongside its partners.

Recognising the importance of harmonising economic activities with ecological and social considerations, Schott believes these principles to be the bedrock of sustainable corporate management.

The UNGC is a compelling call to action from the United Nations, urging companies to align their business processes and strategies with ten universally accepted principles.

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These principles encompass various essential areas such as human rights, labour practices, environmental protection, and anti-corruption measures. Boasting impressive participation from over 22,600 companies from 165 countries, the UNGC stands as the largest corporate sustainability initiative globally.

David Klein, the Manager of the Schott Sustainability Programme, articulated the company's commitment to upholding human rights, promoting fair working conditions, driving environmental and climate protection, and combating corruption and bribery. Being a foundation company, Schott has already taken significant strides towards sustainability in the past, and now, by joining the UNGC, the company aims to reinforce its dedication to these causes.

The UNGC operates on a multi-year strategy, inspiring businesses to take action in support of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. The United Nations has defined 17 global SDGs, encompassing economic, ecological, and social dimensions of sustainability.

In line with its areas of expertise, Schott has chosen to focus on four specific SDGs where it believes it can have the most significant impact: health and wellbeing, gender equality, sustainable consumption and production, and climate protection. By directing its efforts towards these crucial goals, Schott aims to contribute meaningfully to a more sustainable and prosperous world.

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