Rovensa Next—Shaping Sustainable Future for Agriculture

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Rovensa Group is making a big investment in the future of sustainable agriculture. By dedicating a global business unit to biosolutions, they are showing their commitment to finding new and innovative ways to support farmers in their efforts to grow crops in a way that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. The launch of Rovensa Next at Fruit Logistica Berlin is a great way to show their new products to the industry and raise awareness about how important sustainable agriculture is.

Rovensa Next is a new business unit created by aggregating ten companies from the Rovensa Group. The goal is to bring new biosolutions to the agriculture sector and help it become more environmentally friendly. Rovensa Next will help farmers and distributors solve their sustainability problems by combining the local technical knowledge and field expertise of ten companies with the global knowledge and leadership of Rovensa Group.

Rovensa Group CEO Eric van Innis stated: “With this flagship project, Rovensa Next, and our holistic platform of biosolutions, we are taking a strategic step forward in our goal to be a reference provider of well-balanced and sustainable solutions for agriculture. Farmers and distributors do not need a singular product or a multi-card generalist; they need specialised advisors to help them create a potent strategy that considers their local environment and challenges. Rovensa Next is our answer to our partners’ needs for sustainable crop management that leads to safe and healthy products with better quality and increased yield.”

Rovensa Next has a strong commitment to sustainability, innovation, and technical expertise, which is reflected in its extensive network of resources and capabilities. With 30 research and development (R&D) labs, production plants, partnerships with research centres and universities, a large team of R&D and field experts, and a commitment to cutting-edge research, Rovensa Next is well-equipped to create biosolutions that are effective, safe for the environment, and don't sacrifice quality or performance. This will help shape a sustainable future for agriculture and drive the bio-transformation of the sector.

Carlos Ledó, Co-Chief Operating Officer of Rovensa Next, commented: “With a rising population and a rapidly changing climate, there is a clear need to transform the agricultural sector. The formation of Rovensa Next, consisting of ten brands with entrepreneurship in their DNA, gives us the right talent, know-how, expertise, and innovation to drive the necessary change in agriculture. The time is now for sustainable transformation.”

José Alfredo García, Co-Chief Operating Officer of Rovensa Next, added: “We want to be a trusted partner that helps our customers drive sustainable transformation without compromising on performance and yield output. Our unique value add is our team of field experts that work on the ground with growers to understand their needs and solve their challenges. By uniting all of our local and specialised expertise in various crops and geographical areas into one global portfolio of solutions, we aim to help facilitate, or even kickstart, the bio-transformation for customers, ultimately helping to shape an overall more sustainable future.”

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