Robeco Unveils Streamlined Multi-Thematic Strategy

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Robeco strengthens its thematic investing focus with a new Global Multi-Thematic strategy.

This strategy offers a one-stop solution for investors seeking long-term returns driven by megatrends.

Amplifying Returns, Minimising Risk

By carefully selecting stocks across all their thematic strategies, Robeco aims to strengthen overall returns while reducing risks associated with concentrating on individual themes. This builds on their successful Megatrends fund with over a decade of experience. Thematic equities are a growing market, with global assets under management exceeding EUR 400 billion and projected annual growth exceeding 10%.

Capturing Powerful Themes

The Global Multi-Thematic strategy is a globally diversified equity portfolio that leverages Robeco's thematic expertise. It captures the upside potential of powerful trends while mitigating downside risks through a systematic and dynamic investment process.

The strategy allocates to the most promising themes and companies across Robeco's diverse thematic range. It focuses on three key areas: Transforming Technologies, Changing Demographics, and Preserving Earth.

Experienced Team, Deep Expertise

A dedicated team of three experienced portfolio managers (Dora Buckulcikova, Marco van Lent, Steef Bergakker) and two investment analysts will lead Robeco's enhanced multi-thematic strategy. They will be supported by a network of thirteen thematic ambassadors. These ambassadors bring deep knowledge and insights from their specific thematic areas, ensuring a well-rounded investment approach.

Investing for a Sustainable Future

Ralf Oberbannscheidt, Head of Thematic Investing at Robeco, says: "As a global asset manager, Robeco enables clients to achieve both their financial and sustainability goals by providing superior investment returns and solutions. With our strengthened Global Multi-Thematic strategy, we offer our clients the opportunity to invest in the most relevant themes, while at the same time the bundling of these thematic strategies in one capability provides diversification and volatility adjusting benefits. 

"Our choice of these trends reflects our belief in the significant economic value of addressing inefficiencies, inequalities, and imbalances in business, society, and the environment. This value is often underappreciated by broader markets. We’re now able to offer our clients the possibility to invest in 3 secular trends and 13 innovative thematic strategies through one single strategy.”

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