Rixos & CarbonSifr: Climate Action in Hospitality

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KnowESG_Rixos & CarbonSifr, Climate Action in Hospitality
Image courtesy of Jay Wennington/Unsplash.com.

A UAE-based climate tech company, CarbonSifr, has partnered with luxury hotel chain Rixos Hotels to boost their environmental efforts.

The partnership aims to make Rixos Hotels more eco-friendly by using CarbonSifr's tech to assess and reduce their carbon footprint. This aligns with CarbonSifr's goal to promote climate solutions across different markets.

The collaboration also extends to business events, where the focus is on improving transparency in environmental reporting, allowing organisers and participants to make greener choices.

CarbonSifr's COO, Muhammed Yildirim, sees the partnership as a way to lead the industry towards more sustainable practices.

Rixos Hotels, operating in various countries, including the UAE, Croatia, and Egypt, is committed to reshaping industry standards.

Their Gulf Region country director, Ozgul Aktolga, said that the collaboration with CarbonSifr is not just about reducing carbon footprints but also setting a transformative example for a sustainable future.

In the UAE, Rixos Hotels offers diverse amenities across their five locations, like Rixos Premium Dubai in JBR Dubai and Rixos The Palm Dubai Hotel & Suites in Palm Jumeirah Dubai.

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Source: Hotel Management Network


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