Riskonnect Joins United Nations Global Compact

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by KnowESG
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Riskonnect, the market leader in integrated risk management (IRM) solutions, has joined the United Nations Global Compact initiative. This is a platform for voluntary leadership that helps businesses develop, implement, and share information about responsible business practices.

Riskonnect is one of more than 15,000 businesses and 3,800 non-businesses around the world that have signed a pledge to drive responsible business practices and build a sustainable future.

“One of Riskonnect’s core values is community. We joined the United Nations Global Compact because we strive to help societies around the world thrive, and we share the conviction of other participants to create a more stable and inclusive global market,” said Jim Wetekamp, Riskonnect’s CEO. "By taking part in this initiative and following its rules, we help make the world a better place and create long-term value for our company, our customers, and other stakeholders."

The United Nations Global Compact centres around ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. Participants of the initiative align their operations and strategies with these principles and act in support of UN goals and issues embodied in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As part of Riskonnect’s participation in the United Nations Global Compact, the company will release an annual Communication on Progress that demonstrates its efforts to support and uphold these principles.

Riskonnect’s engagement with the United Nations Global Compact initiative is the latest in a series of actions the company has taken to make a positive environmental and social impact. The provider regularly looks for ways to reduce its environmental footprint, prioritises diversity recruitment and outreach and training programmes, and drives ESG in other ways. Riskonnect also enables its customers to advance ESG initiatives, reduce their own environmental footprint, and streamline the reporting process through its software.

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