Puma's Green Podcast: Season One Ends

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PUMA's RE:GEN REPORTS, a transformative podcast series, concludes with its final episode titled 'When it comes to Health and Safety, does the West know best?'.

This groundbreaking podcast, hosted by 10 next-generation thinkers from six countries, aims to make PUMA's 2022 Sustainability Report more accessible to a wider and younger audience.

By breaking down complex sustainability topics, the series empowers listeners to understand PUMA's FOREVER.BETTER. sustainability strategy and 10FOR25 targets, celebrating progress while acknowledging areas that require further attention.

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Conference of the People

In 2022, PUMA hosted the Conference of the People, bringing together Gen Z representatives, industry peers, activists, NGOs, experts, ambassadors, and consumers to address fashion industry sustainability challenges.

The conference underscored the need for PUMA to enhance communication about its sustainability goals, actions, and progress, laying the foundation for the RE:GEN REPORTS podcast series.

A Youth-Led Journey

The podcast features 10 young hosts from different countries who skillfully distill the content of PUMA's 147-page sustainability report into 10 engaging episodes. These passionate hosts explore diverse sustainability topics, such as human rights, chemicals, circularity, fair wages, climate action, biodiversity, plastic & oceans, product sustainability, and water and air issues. They also conduct insightful interviews with industry bodies, businesses, and NGOs to delve deeper into sustainable practices and implementation.

Embracing Transparency and Collaboration

Anne-Laure Descours, PUMA's Chief Sourcing Officer, emphasises the brand's commitment to transparency as a key pillar of its sustainability strategy. Through the RE:GEN REPORTS podcast, PUMA seeks to collaborate with the next generation of thinkers, inviting them to hold constructive dialogues, challenge existing practices, and foster a greater understanding of sustainability efforts.

Recognised Leadership in Sustainability

PUMA's tireless sustainability efforts have garnered recognition across various rankings and benchmarks. Topping the Business of Fashion sustainability ranking, living wage financials ranking, and FTSE4Good ranking within its sectors, PUMA has also secured a place in the Corporate Knights global top 100 most sustainable companies ranking. This acknowledgement reinforces PUMA's commitment to its FOREVER.BETTER. strategy. However, the brand remains cognisant of the journey ahead and continues to embrace transparency and openness to drive meaningful change.

PUMA's RE:GEN REPORTS podcast series serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for sustainable fashion. Empowering the next generation to be informed and involved in sustainability initiatives, PUMA's commitment to transparency and collaboration sets an example for the fashion industry to follow.

As PUMA marches forward on its journey towards a more sustainable future, the brand's 2022 Sustainability Report remains a testament to its dedication to driving positive change and creating a lasting impact on the world.

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