Puma Brings Young Activists for Sustainability Efforts

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In an attempt to connect better with Gen Z consumers, Puma is focusing on the involvement of young people in its new environmental push. The company hopes to make its earth-conscious initiatives more relatable and effective by putting young people at the centre of its efforts.

The new initiative aims to incorporate the participants' feedback into its strategy in a practical manner while also utilising their platforms to communicate the brand's sustainability efforts.

Anne-Laure Descours, the Chief Sourcing Officer of the brand, stated in a press release that although they have documented their progress in sustainable practices, their participation in the Conference of the People has revealed that the information they share is not always easily comprehensible to the next generation. She further added that they understand the need for change and are determined to make sustainability more accessible and transparent for everyone.

The four talents chosen for the project are Alice Aedy, co-founder of Earthrise Studio and a storyteller based in the UK; Andrew Burgess, a US-based upcycler; Luke Jaque-Rodney, a Germany-based sustainability and health vlogger; and Jade Roche, a visual artist located in France. The group will be in contact with Puma executives, including Descours and the sustainability team, throughout the year.

Younger consumers consider the environment a crucial issue, and Puma's research reflects this sentiment. A recent Piper Sandler survey discovered that environmental concerns ranked highest among teens, at 19%, followed by racial equity at 9%. The report also revealed that the spending power of teenagers is on the rise, with self-reported spending increasing by 2% year-over-year to $2,419. It is essential for brands to effectively engage with this demographic as their spending power grows.

Despite many brands' attempts to become more sustainable, their efforts have not always been welcomed by young consumers, who often accuse them of "greenwashing" or pretending to be environmentally friendly for profit. Such accusations can harm even a well-intentioned campaign.

The "Voices of a Re: Generation" coalition could assist Puma in better comprehending what appeals to young consumers and help reduce guesswork. The coalition is Puma's most recent attempt to connect with Gen Z, following previous collaborations such as a partnership with Pokemon Go and a metaverse experience.

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