Project Canary Announces Partnership With Sensirion Connected Solutions

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by KnowESG

Project Canary, a leading company for climate data insights and emissions performance, and Sensirion Connected Solutions (SCS), a leading company for sensor-based monitoring solutions, announced a partnership today.

The climate analytics platform of Project Canary now gives upstream and midstream operators access to various methane monitoring sensors, including third-party devices, to account for overall site emissions.

The innovative new offering of Project Canary and SCS gives customers more choices to positively impact climate change and future-proof their methane detection and quantification strategies. 

  • Expands Project Canary customer choice for sensor array fidelity, now offering customer-choice managed hardware schema.

  • SCS Nubo Sphere is a next-gen methane emissions monitoring solution based on metal-oxide technology.

  • The Nubo Sphere sensor nodes offer an exchangeable cartridge system for easy maintenance and future technological upgrades.

  • Next-gen SCS Nubo Sphere sensor nodes are scalable and reliable with a proven track record of supply chain capabilities.

  • All sensor data is integrated into the Project Canary cloud-based analytics and insights portal, including emissions quantification tools, regulatory compliance solutions, and operational risk assessment programmes.

Project Canary CEO and Co-Founder Chris Romer said: 

"When it comes to measured performance profiles and verifiable climate credentials, our customers are entering into an era of next-gen RSG and updated protocols. Different pads need different solutions. Customers can address their need for better data to give operational insights by creating customized sensor arrays. This partnership signals our now-open-sensor platform so customers can choose from various managed hardware solutions. Project Canary integrates the best sensors into our platform to provide the highest quality data to meet the market demands for accurate, independent emission profiles.” 

Dr. Felix Hoehne, General Manager at Sensirion Connected Solutions, said: 

"We are seeing a race among companies to provide reliable emissions data and services. Industry leaders in the energy sector want to be ahead of the regulatory curve, and that’s where Project Canary and Sensirion Connected Solutions come in. Together, we enable the energy industry to roll out a scalable, high-quality solution to all gas well sites."

Source: Sensirion Connected Solutions 

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