Plastics Expo in Southern Indian State Focuses on Recycling and Reuse

Published on: 7 June 2022 04:10 PM
by KnowESG

From June 10 to 12, the Tamil Nadu Plastics Manufacturers' Association (TAPMA) in the Tamil Nadu state of India will host IPLAS 2022, a four-day international plastics expo at the Chennai Trade Centre in Nandambakkam, to promote industry and encourage safe plastic recycling procedures.

TAPMA president S. Rakkappan told reporters that the exhibition would feature a theme pavilion named "A World of Plastics-a Right View" to raise public awareness about the benefits of plastics.

He predicted that the expo would boost Tamil Nadu's $15,000-crore plastics industry, which includes 8,000 manufacturers and employs between 3,00,000 and 5,00,000 people directly and indirectly. Small-scale businesses make up 85 per cent of the industry, contributing $2,700 crore in GST each year.

According to B. Swaminathan, Chairman of TAPMA's Environment Committee, the exhibition will have a dedicated recycling pavilion that will show how plastic trash is turned into granules and then back into finished items, in keeping with the circular economy idea.

Among the exhibits would be new inventions such as recyclable multi-layered laminates and non-recyclable plastic wrappers used for packaging.

He said, "We will be working with various corporations and municipalities to install these recyclers for better plastic waste management and recycling. These compact safe recyclers will work with a single-phase power supply and will help ragpickers and other NGOs with higher value-added in their efforts. These technologies will ensure the higher recovery of plastic waste from municipal garbage. In a span of a few years, we expect the presence of plastics in the garbage to drop from 7% to 2%."

Source: The Hindu

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