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Parsons Corporation has revealed the acquisition of 20 Ford Lightning electric trucks to support their client Chemours in North Carolina. Along with the electric fleet, Parsons' own electrical engineering and delivery teams will handle the in-house design and installation of the charging stations.

Parsons' employees, who have driven more than 2.5 million miles in the past two years for Chemours programmes, collecting drinking water samples for assessment and replacement around Fayetteville and Wilmington, will now utilise the fleet of electric trucks. Through their expertise in fleet electrification and zero-emission vehicle charging stations, Parsons is actively reducing their environmental impact while continuing their important work.

Peter Torrellas, President of Parsons' Connected Communities business unit, commended the outstanding work of the Parsons team in managing multiple projects in the Cape Fear River Basin for Chemours. This work is making a positive impact on the communities where Parsons operates, and the inclusion of electric vehicles in their fleet further enhances their environmental efforts.

Chemours has also invested in smart fleet management software that allows Parsons' drivers to optimise routes and minimise mileage, in addition to the electric vehicle transformation. This strategic approach not only reduces overall emissions but also enhances safety by minimising time spent on the road.

Furthermore, through the collaborative partnership between Parsons and Chemours, the team was able to secure favourable rates for clean power to support their electric vehicle (EV) fleet. These cost savings, combined with the expected 25-cent reduction in fuel costs per mile due to decreased fossil fuel usage, will result in approximately $250,000 in annual savings for clients while also contributing to a reduction in their carbon footprint.

This successful transition is a clear demonstration of the company's strong commitment to environmental sustainability, as evidenced by its dedication to resources, strategic planning, and concerted effort to help clients and public agencies achieve their fleet transition goals.

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