Paris 2024: Pioneering a New Era of Green Olympics

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The Paris 2024 Olympics aim to be a pioneer in combining grandeur and environmental responsibility. The organisers want to set a positive example for the world to follow.

Estanguet emphasises that Paris aims to deliver the Games differently from the past, embracing a new approach to their organisation.

Sustainability lies at the heart of their plans, with a lofty goal of achieving 50% lower emissions compared to the 2012 and 2016 Games. The mission is clear: to bring about a fresh era in hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games, showcasing innovative ways of working, and reducing environmental impact.

The Tokyo Olympics served as a sustainability benchmark, demonstrating the significance of lowering carbon footprints. Paris 2024 is committed to surpassing those achievements by adopting a range of reduction and mitigation measures. Notably, the organisers are seeking to change habits and decisions surrounding major events, thereby inspiring a more sustainable way of life.

Through extensive use of existing and temporary facilities, Paris plans to construct only two new projects: the Athletes' Village and the Aquatics Centre. The Athletes' Village adopts low-carbon initiatives, incorporating sustainably sourced wood in its structural frame. Similarly, the Aquatics Centre's concave roof design minimises the heated space.

While Paris 2024 has garnered praise for its sustainability efforts, there has been criticism regarding the decision to hold the surfing competition in Tahiti, located approximately 9,760 miles (15,700km) away from the French capital.

However, the organisers remain steadfast in their commitment to align fully with the Paris Agreement, striving for climate ambitions that emphasise the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Paris 2024's head of environmental excellence, Georgina Grenon, underscores the Games' role as a sustainability laboratory, fostering innovation and leaving a lasting legacy of environmental responsibility. The organisers are determined to be the first Games to run entirely on 100% renewable electricity, setting a benchmark for future events.

Safety and security are paramount, with Paris 2024 implementing its most comprehensive security system to date. Estanguet assures that they have the expertise and capacity to ensure a safe and secure event, despite previous concerns.

As they approach the Games, the organisers are closely monitoring weather patterns, prepared to adjust event times if necessary to mitigate high temperatures. In light of recent geopolitical developments, participation by Russian and Belarusian athletes remains uncertain, pending decisions by the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee.

In essence, Paris 2024 aspires to be a game-changer in the world of sports events, demonstrating that spectacular and sustainable events can coexist harmoniously.

With ambitious environmental goals and a commitment to setting new standards, Paris aims to inspire global change and leave an indelible mark on the history of the Olympic Games.

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