Oware Partners With Reon Energy to Promote Environmental Sustainability

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by KnowESG

Oware Technologies, based in Karachi, struck an agreement with Pakistan's leading energy business Reon Energy Limited for their forthcoming large-scale industrial solar energy and storage project. Both companies have joined forces to increase the significance of sustainability in business operations throughout Pakistan.

Within 72 hours, Oware made a full warehouse facility available to Reon to store over 7,000 solar panels. Moreover, Oware will provide HSE-compliant services to Reon for shipment, delivery, and offloading to their customer. The logistics will be managed from start to finish using Oware's proprietary cloud supply chain solution.

According to companies' executives, this collaboration goes beyond business. They have a primary objective focused on sustainability and environmental friendliness. 

The technology-enabled services offered by Oware are intended to improve supply chain agility and logistical efficiency. Their approach to on-demand warehousing saves businesses money, and their cloud-based platform eliminates the need for paper-based documentation.

Reon is Pakistan's top specialist in solar and storage solutions, with extensive domain expertise in project development, financial advising, engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), and asset performance management. 

The company's offerings include industrial solutions for cement, oil and gas, coal mining, textile, dairy, and telecommunications. 

The company is dedicated to a sustainable energy future to enable economic growth and greater well-being. Raza Kazmi, the co-founder of Oware, commended the government's recent effort to stimulate power generation from alternative sources during the signing ceremony.

Oware co-founder Adil Nisar said: 

"As the world shifts towards a digitised future, businesses realise the importance of adopting tech-driven supply chain ecosystems that can tackle business and operational challenges, bolster resiliency, and maintain their competitive edge. Our collaboration with Reon will demonstrate how business value is created for long-term sustainable impact."

Source: The Nation

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