Office Building Project in Atlanta Makes Sustainable Upgrades

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With the addition of a 1-megawatt solar plant, an office building project in Atlanta is set to become one of the most environmentally friendly in the region.

Palisades, a four-building office complex in the city's Central Perimeter, is undergoing multiple sustainable upgrades spearheaded by Atlanta Property Group.

In addition to the solar project, the modifications include LED lighting, energy-efficient HVAC systems, and environmentally friendly landscaping. The Plant at Palisades, a renewable energy plant, is slated to go online later this year.

More than 2,400 solar panels will be installed on building rooftops, parking decks, and a surface parking lot. The solar plant will generate almost 15% of the Palisades' total energy demand and assist power the site's electrical systems during the workday once it is fully operational.

According to the Atlanta Property Group, the 640,000-square-foot office building will have an all-electric environment with no Scope 1 emissions.

The real estate owner says Palisades' carbon footprint will be around 40% lower than a normal office building in the city because of sustainable investments. Commercial buildings controlled by private firms and government agencies account for 16 per cent of overall carbon emissions and 18 per cent of primary energy demand in the United States.

As a result, commercial buildings have made environmentally friendly repairs and enhancements. The Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans just had a large energy efficiency renovation, while a hotel currently under construction in Denver is intended to be carbon positive. The Department of Energy (DOE) mandated earlier this year that all new and upgraded federal buildings meet specified efficiency criteria, saving $15 billion in energy costs over the next 30 years.

Palisades will have LED lighting installed on more than half of the property. According to Atlanta Property Group, the property will also feature an irrigation system that draws only from an onsite pond, which will act as a carbon sink by absorbing pollutants from the air.

Additionally, Atlanta Property Group has implemented a green purchasing policy at Palisades, pledging to use environmentally friendly building materials and supplies such as recycled carpet and furnishings.

Jonathan Rodbell, a partner at Atlanta Property Group, said:

"We are bringing a bigger purpose to Palisades and significantly lowering its carbon footprint – a mission we believe will resonate with tenants. Our goal is to create a workplace for businesses that are looking to fulfil ESG commitments, attract climate-conscious employees, and do the right thing for the environment by officing in a lower carbon space.”

Source: Environment + Energy Leader


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