Newcastle Uni Students Choose All Vegan Catering

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In a greener move, Newcastle University's Student Council voted to require at least 50% plant-based food at ticketed events, to reach 100% plant-based catering whenever possible.

This decision aligns with the Plant-Based University campaign, which has seen similar proposals adopted by student unions at other universities.

However, the campaign has not seen universal success. While universities like Edinburgh, York, and Cardiff rejected similar proposals, Newcastle students are determined to push for full adoption. They plan to work with the student union to convince the entire university to embrace 100% plant-based catering.

Students Seek Climate Action

Ella Spray, the Newcastle coordinator for Plant-Based Universities, highlighted the importance of universities taking action against climate change. She stressed rising student concern about climate issues and saw this vote as a way to urge the university to adopt more sustainable practices.

University Committed to Sustainability

Newcastle University acknowledged that all their catering venues and events already offer daily plant-based options. They are ready to work with students to further promote sustainable living practices.

Wider Impact

Plant-Based University argues that a global shift to plant-based food systems could free up a significant amount of land, potentially 76%, for ecological restoration.

This vote by Newcastle students is the latest development in the campaign's efforts to promote plant-based food options in universities. It remains to be seen if other universities will follow Newcastle's lead.

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