New York Steps Up Sustainable Development Goals

Published on: 7 March 2022 06:10 PM
by KnowESG

A Brief Summary

New York City has heightened its environmental goals by introducing a 116-acre development called Arverne East, which will be energy efficient and resilient to natural disasters. It will become one of the largest areas in the city to encompass ideas such as net-zero goals and environment-focused initiatives once finished.

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The new project mooted includes solar power, cooling and hot water, building systems that use geothermal heating, and stormwater managed on-site. Going fossil fuel free is the aim of the project.

Following the damage caused by 2012's Hurricane Sandy and neverending climate change, the project is being designed to protect against sea surges and groundwater flooding by raising the height of the development area.

The affordable housing development, which is part of the project, has a farm, nature plants, nature preserve to lessen the area and manage stormwater on-site.

The project needs new infrastructure to fulfil the sustainability goals, including updated street lights and electric and gas systems. Planners said they would use permeable materials on paved surfaces and rainwater for irrigation purposes.

The ambitious project has been in the limelight for having the potential to be New York City's net-zero and energy-efficient community. The city has been quite active in coming up with sustainability programs throughout the state.

The NYC Carbon Challenge program has active participation from companies like Google and Barclays, aims to save $175 million in energy costs and cut down 3,60,000 metric tons of carbon emissions. It also encourages building owners to cut costs and reduce emissions through energy-efficient changes.

Arverne East is part of a New York City project approval from 2003 to develop the Arverne Urban Renewal Area, is a public-private partnership supervised by the New York City Department of Housing and Development, the Parks Department and the Department of Transportation.