MSU Launches EV Fast-Chargers for a Greener Future

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KnowESG_MSU Launches EV Fast-Chargers for a Greener Future
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Michigan State University recently celebrated a momentous occasion with the inauguration of two new electric vehicle charging stations at the CATA Multimodal Transportation Centre.

Notably, these charging stations represent a pioneering step forward as they are the very first fast-charging electric vehicle facilities to grace MSU's sprawling campus.

These state-of-the-art stations are not exclusive to university-goers; they are open to the public and can be utilised for a reasonable rate of $4 per hour. Remarkably, for a standard electric vehicle, a mere thirty-minute pit stop at these stations will suffice to achieve a full charge, as shared by Jeff Meyer, Consumer Energy's Director of Electric Transportation Programmes.

Judd Herzer, MSU's Director of Mobility, expressed excitement about how these cutting-edge stations are set to elevate the efficiency of electric vehicle charging on campus. In his words, "The introduction of these rapid charging stations right here at the heart of MSU means that a broader spectrum of individuals can now swiftly recharge their electric vehicles, saving them precious time."

Meyer emphasised the strategic location of these charging hubs, deeming it the "most versatile site in terms of potential usage" due to the constant flow of people commuting to and from the university.

He painted a vivid picture of the diverse user profiles benefiting from these stations: "Whether you're arriving via train, a rideshare driver in need of a quick recharge while shuttling passengers around East Lansing, or a student eager to make a journey home to visit family—we've got you covered."

The MSU College of Engineering played a pivotal role in selecting the optimal location for these charging stations. Their meticulous planning led them to the multimodal transportation centre, an ideal choice, as confirmed by Jennifer Crawford, the Michigan Development of Environment Community Programme Director.

She emphasised how this decision was informed by a robust optimisation model developed by the College of Engineering. Crawford stated, "This research offered us invaluable insights, ensuring that our initial steps in building this charging network are the right ones."

In the realm of electric vehicle investments, Michigan reigns supreme, as substantiated by a 2023 report from Business Facilities. Jeff Meyer highlighted the remarkable growth of electric vehicles in the state, asserting, "Michigan is witnessing a rapid surge in electric vehicle adoption, and we're on track to achieve the state's ambitious goal of two million electric vehicles on the road by 2030."

Jennifer Crawford aptly noted that this journey toward a more electric vehicle-friendly infrastructure has only just commenced. She metaphorically described it as a collective effort, stating, "It truly takes a community to foster the growth of charging stations, and that's why we must celebrate milestones like these, even though our work in this area has only just begun."

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Source: The State News


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