Mary Kay Sustainability Project Featured at World Ocean Summit in Singapore

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Mary Kay Inc. is a global supporter of corporate sustainability and stewardship and a signatory to the UN Global Compact Sustainable Ocean Principles. The company continues to support global efforts to raise awareness of the ocean and show how important it is to fighting climate change.

At the Economist Impact's World Ocean Summit Asia Pacific, which took place this week in Singapore, a Mary Kay-funded project highlighting women and conservation was discussed at the session titled "Innovation and adaptation—coastal solutions to climate change." The panel discussed the impact of climate change on coastal ecosystems in the Asia-Pacific region and the global ocean, and it included case studies of adaptation strategies being used in the region.

Mangroves are important to ecosystems along the coast but are also one of the most threatened ecosystems on Earth. Mangoro Market Meri is an initiative supported by The Nature Conservancy and Mary Kay that is bringing together local efforts, ecotourism, and "blue carbon," which is the carbon that is taken up by the world's oceans and coastal ecosystems. This is done to create incentives for protecting and restoring mangroves.

The women of Mangoro Market Meri sell shellfish and mud crabs that live in mangroves. This gives them much-needed money and work, and it keeps mangroves from being cut down for their wood. Mary Kay helps the women of Mangoro Market Meri by giving them training in gender equality, leadership, financial literacy, and running a business.

Ruth Konia, Mangoro Market Meri programme manager for The Nature Conservancy's Melanesia Programme, spoke alongside panellists from UNEP, WWF China, and the Greener India Council about the impact The Nature Conservancy is making in the region, thanks to private sector support from Mary Kay.

Ruth Konia, Mangoro Market Meri Programme Manager, said:

"Women must be empowered in decision-making related to their health, education, governance, and finances. Mangoro Market Meri is changing mindsets and giving our women equal opportunities by empowering women through mangrove conservation. When women are empowered, their actions bring positive impacts to their families and produce ripples that benefit the whole community.”

Mary Kay is committed to being a good steward of natural resources and to promoting gender equality and women's empowerment in conservation around the world. To read more about Mary Kay’s commitment to sustainability, visit and download Mary Kay’s global sustainability strategy: Enriching Lives Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow.

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