Mars' Moo'ving Dairy Forward: A Sustainable Dairy Plan

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KnowESG_Mars' Moo'ving Dairy Forward, A Sustainable Dairy Plan
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Mars, Inc. is taking a big step towards sustainable dairy with a new plan called Moo'ving Dairy Forward.

This ambitious initiative is backed by a $47 million investment over three years and aligns with their broader climate goals.

Reducing Dairy's Carbon Footprint

Moo'ving Dairy Forward focuses on reducing the carbon footprint of dairy products used in Mars' snacks. This aligns with their goal of cutting emissions by 50% by 2030. They will achieve this by working with industry leaders on dairy farms. These collaborations will target key areas like reducing methane emissions from cows, managing manure effectively, and using sustainable methods to produce feed.

Collaboration with FrieslandCampina

A key part of the plan is a collaboration with FrieslandCampina, a major dairy cooperative. Together, they will create the Mars-FrieslandCampina Sustainable Dairy Development Programme. This programme will dedicate a group of farms specifically to Mars' dairy supply. These farms will act as testing grounds for new practices and technologies aimed at making dairy production more sustainable. The goal is to refine and implement these methods across the entire FrieslandCampina cooperative.

Investing in Innovation

Mars is also committed to long-term innovation. They have launched three pilot farms in Germany with the DMK Group. These farms will explore new technologies and practices with the goal of achieving net-zero emissions dairy production. This five-year project is a first for Mars and could have a major impact on the industry.

Exploring Seaweed Solutions

Mars is even looking to the ocean for solutions. They are partnering with Fonterra and Sea Forest to explore using a seaweed supplement called SEAFEED™. This supplement could help reduce the amount of methane cows produce during digestion.

A Bigger Picture

With over 2,00,000 cows and 1,000 farms supplying dairy for Mars' popular candy brands, this initiative has the potential to make a huge impact. Dairy is a major source of emissions for Mars, and Moo'ving Dairy Forward shows their commitment to reducing their environmental footprint.

“Doing our part to keep our planet healthy is an absolute non-negotiable for us at Mars,” said Amanda Davies, chief R&D, procurement and sustainability officer, Mars Snacking. “But our vision for more sustainable dairy will only become a reality with the support and actions of farmers and our suppliers. Which is why, as part of our Moo’ving Dairy Forward Sustainable Dairy Plan, we’re putting millions of dollars directly back into the pockets of farmers through our contracts to help them make climate smart changes to the way they farm. Together, I know that we can forge a path that helps address climate change head on and contributes to reshaping our wider industry for a more sustainable future.”

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