Mall of Cyprus Announces Green Initiative

Published on: 06 July 2022
by KnowESG

The Mall of Cyprus has recently launched Better Together, a series of activities centred on ESG causes and experiences, bringing everyone one step closer to a brighter future.

The programme was launched with the Greener Together event, an exciting experience where innovators, pioneers, and industry experts gathered to discuss the newest thoughts and products on sustainability and circular economy with the Mall of Cyprus's guests.

In addition to adopting the ESG efforts of Better Together, the Mall of Cyprus has committed to a greener future by implementing a series of significant facility modifications regarding energy sources, energy consumption, and waste management.

The Mall of Cyprus will soon run on greener energy thanks to the installation of a 677 kW solar system, which is now operational, and an additional 350 kW photovoltaic system, which is in the process of being installed.

Energy efficiency has always been a priority for the Mall of Cyprus, so over the past three years, numerous energy-saving measures have been implemented, including the installation of high-efficiency central cooling equipment (chillers) and a cutting-edge BMS (building management system) that provides extensive energy monitoring and regulating capabilities.

Achieving a zero-waste future requires addressing excessive waste. Emporium Park's restaurants generate organic garbage, which has been addressed by the mall's waste management system. It will be separated at the source and transferred to a private organic waste recycling and management unit, thereby catalysing the protection of the environment and fueling the creation of green electricity.

The carbon footprint and energy consumption of the building have been lowered by about 45 per cent, while the mall's energy rating has been upgraded to level B. However, it won't stop here. Through upcoming activities under the Better Together framework, the Mall of Cyprus is becoming not just a greener location, but also a brand with a clear sense of social responsibility.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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