Learn Schiphol's Future Airport Concept as a Passenger

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Picture of a boy discovering The Future Case at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in Departure Lounge 3.

In Lounge 3 of Schiphol airport, travellers heading to intercontinental destinations can explore the airport's future through "The Future Case." This innovative showcase seamlessly integrates the airport's past, present, and future and provides valuable insights into the transition to sustainable aviation.

Through a unique touch screen installation in the shape of suitcases, travellers at Schiphol airport can now discover the airport's green travel initiatives.

The installation showcases Schiphol's collaborations with its partners to offer greener travel solutions, from the journey to the airport, within the terminal, on the flight, and beyond. Next to the touchscreen installation, interactive games are available for passengers seated nearby to create and design their futuristic airport.

The Future Case shows how to get to a carbon-neutral airport with no waste by 2030 and a climate-neutral aviation industry by 2050. It also details the measures already in place to promote sustainability at the airport. For instance, passengers are informed about the airport's use of wind energy to power the terminal, the substantial reduction in reliance on natural gas, the airport's recycling initiatives, and the continual growth in the number of electric vehicles operating on the apron.

Passengers are also given information about what is being done to make air travel more environmentally friendly, such as using sustainable aviation fuels and making planes quieter and better for the environment. The available methods for passengers to decrease the environmental effects of their travel are also elaborated upon.

Denise Pronk, who is responsible for sustainability at Royal Schiphol Group, said: "Travel brings people and cultures closer together. The unique connection to the world we live in also entails caring for our world. We are aware that aviation has an impact on our living environment and the climate. That is why we will be travelling differently in the future. With innovations such as quieter and cleaner aircraft. And with investments in sustainable fuels or electric and hydrogen propulsion. We want to make passengers aware of what is involved in making aviation more sustainable and how they can contribute by making conscious travel choices. This all comes together in The Future Case. We intend to underline the importance of this."

To learn more about Amsterdam Airport Schiphol's journey towards becoming the most sustainable airport, please visit the website: Schiphol | Moving towards sustainable aviation. Additionally, The Future Case exhibit can be found at Departure Lounge 3 or accessed online at www.thefuturecase.nl.

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